Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Losing our humanity in a tech-driven world.

I came across this and it hit home.
There were a lot of times in my journey as a homeless man that I questioned the value of my life. I never got to the point that I thought I'd take my own life, but I certainly lost hope more than once.
What I missed the most...other than my daughter...was just the contact with other people. The interaction with other human beings that reminded me that I was a human being.
This article, and this story, reminds me of those days. Technology has given us the ability to send mail immediately, respond to that mail in seconds, research facts, download coupons, and remind ourselves when our kids' birthday is. 
But none of that can replace a hand on a shoulder, or a handwritten note that arrives at just the right time. Emails and Tweets and pins and likes on Facebook can't replace a conversation and a cup of coffee. (Regular coffee...not some $6 Frappalattecino) Staring at a monitor is not the same as looking someone in the eye. 
This reminds us that humans still need humanity. We need connection and interaction. Read this, and then do something with the way it makes you feel.

Student Buys Homeless man a cup of coffee...click link to read

High Hopes!



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